Pharmacogenetic (PGx) Testing

There's a better way to choose your medicine...Your genetic material carries the code for how you will likely respond to different medications.

Pharmacogenetic (PGx) testing identifies gene variants you have inherited, and what that means in terms of which drugs and doses are likely to work best for you.

Have you had trouble finding the right medication? Are you concerned about side effects from medicines? Your genes may hold the answer!

This type of genetic testing provides information on how active certain metabolic pathways are in your body. Your team can then make good predictions on how well a medication may work for you, and the likelihood of you experiencing certain side effects. We can also get insight as to whether we need to keep the dose low, or if you will require a higher than normal dose for effect.

Our pharmacists can help you choose the test that best suits your needs. Once the results are in, we will help you understand  what this means for YOU. Together, with your doctor, we can make sure your drug therapy is optimized - right now, and in the future!

Since your DNA remains the same  your entire life, the test results will be valid and beneficial for the rest of your life, aiding your doctor in choosing therapies down the road too! Even  as new drugs are released into the market, these insights from your test today can be applied to those new therapies!

PGx is another clinical tool to help optimize drug prescribing to improve efficacy, drug therapy outcomes, mitigate drug-associated issues, and improve peoples' lives.

Get started with a simple cheek swab test.

We do not test for disease risk or ancestry.

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