Jan 04 2016

Should I Be Concerned About Bone Loss?

  • Written by  Saanich Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy
  • Published in Our Blog

Bones are changing all the time. Normally, the body balances bone degradation with new bone formation. As we get older, this process changes and over time we experience bone loss. If the loss in bone density and quality is great, then we refer to this as osteoporosis. It usually progresses silently and without symptoms until a fracture occurs.

4 ways to improve your bone health:

  1. Get enough calcium (1000-1200mg daily for adults) and vitamin D (600-1000iu daily for adults); some people require more than these amounts. Ask your pharmacist or doctor.
  2. Exercise regularly. Weight bearing exercises will build bone density, even after you reach your peak bone mass at age 30. Muscle strengthening and balance exercises will reduce your risk for falls.
  3. Additional healthier life choices will reduce your fracture risk: reduce your caffeine intake, reduce alcohol consumption, and quit smoking. These factors are all within our control and can have a huge impact on bone density.
  4. Review your medications. Many prescription and non-prescription drugs can put you at risk for poor bone strength and leave you vulnerable to fractures. Consult one of our trained pharmacists who can provide you with a complete review of all your medicines and make suggestions for vitamin supplementation where appropriate.

We can help you find your bone strength! Let us know if you are interested in attending our next bone density clinic.